Fairway facility management services offer you superior standard cleanliness to help you portray a professional image. 

Reliable Industrial and Facility management services are an important aspect of any professional building, shopping centre or school.

You need your space to be clean, sanitary and inviting and our goal is to make your space really shine. 

Fairway Facility Management service allows you to flourish in a thoroughly clean environment. We respect your space, keeping it secure from the time we enter to the time we leave.

what we offer

At Fairway Industrial, we have been one of Melbourne’s leading industrial cleaning companies. Our experience and expertise extends to all industries – from manufacturing to food processing and everything in between. No matter what type of industrial facility you operate, we have qualified, licensed industrial cleaners who can provide the services you require. From logistics and warehousing facilities to manufacturing plants and processing centres, we have the experience and expertise required to ensure your facility is maintained to the highest standards at all times.


Our point of difference

Fairway Facility Services is proud of the difference we make and in the difference between our company and other industrial cleaning services. One of the most important ways we differ is that we understand that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all range of services. Your needs differ drastically from every other industrial facility. That means you need to ensure you get customised industrial cleaning services. We’re happy to offer as much (or little) customisation as is necessary to meet your specific needs.

We begin with a commercial industrial cleaning inspection of your facility, including every area of the location from boiler rooms to maintenance closets. Based on this inspection, we will make recommendations on cleaning services, frequency and other considerations. However, we will also sit down and discuss what you expect in terms of cleaning, from areas of importance to the time of day when you want cleaning to occur. You’ll find that we’re extremely flexible in scheduling, and we even offer industrial cleaning services after hours so you never have to worry about downtime cutting into production or scheduling.


We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. We specialise in providing environmentally-friendly solutions for industrial cleaning, no matter what type of facility is in question. Not only does this benefit your facility, but it also benefits your business by allowing you to tie into the environmental “green” movement and present yourself as a responsible company and an industry leader.

in a nutshell

Fairway Facility Services offer immense personalisation, customisation, safety and health benefits. Our licensed, experienced, fully-trained contractors are the best in the industry and can provide the high quality cleaning and maintenance you require to operate a safe, profitable facility. Regardless of your industry or your facility’s size, Fairway Facility Services is here for you, offering better safety, full environmental-friendliness and the highest standard in industrial cleaning.