Cleaning Services

At Fairway Facility Services we strive to establish and retain long term relationships with all our clients – small or large. We believe there are there three fundamental principles that are instrumental in ensuring long term relationships with our clients:

1. Recruitment and Training

  • Employing skilled, experienced cleaners that match the needs of your individual site.
  • Complete induction, criminal check history and a referee check on every employee. Employees are also tested on their comprehension of English.
  • Every employee must undergo skills and assessment testing prior to commencement. Our quality and service standards are enforced at the induction process and individual training records are updated on a yearly basis.

2. Communication

  • The assurance that you can contact Fairway Facility Services management whenever you need to – before, during and after hours.
  • Developing and maintaining an open communication stream that keeps you in the loop at all times.
  • Effective communication tools such as Communication Diaries, Fairway Facility Services Help Desk and regular Management Visits to your site.

3. Fulfilling your needs

  • Understanding your needs and ensuring they are promptly met.
  • Strategizing to determine how we can be more cost efficient for you (our client).
  • Proactively maintaining your building/facility.