bathroom and Hygiene Services

The bathroom is one of the most visited places on business premises and can leave a lasting impression. Fairways bathroom and hygiene solutions provide a contemporary service designed to improve and enhance the washroom experience for your staff and customers, including sanitary bin systems, soap dispensing services, and air freshening services. 

Our collection services are monitored via GPS tracking, offering you full accountability of service. We also offer detailed reporting and auditing services to help you maximize
your bathroom and hygiene services.

Feminine Hygiene

Sleek, elegant and discreet solution for feminine hygiene in the workplace. No germs. No odours. No inconvenience. Regularly maintained and emptied bins on a schedule of your choice. Feminine disposal bins have the options of manual or automatic lids. The liners are 100% biodegradable and highly efficient in preventing the odours or germs escape the bin before it’s emptied.

hand hygiene 

Our bathroom and hand hygiene services are matched to your business needs and budgets, ensuring better a tailor made program is designed to your affordability.

odour control

Smell fresh with Fairways automatic wall-mounted air fresheners and antibacterial sprays programmed to dispense a measured dose at selected intervals.


Fairway offer nappy disposal units which have a large lid, specifically for easy nappy disposal which contain a tea tree lining to help to eliminate any odours. The units can be serviced as regularly as needed, from weekly up to four weekly, according to its use.

clinical service

Fairway provide and maintain Sharps Containers and Clinical Disposal Bins to keep your business safe and secure in accordance with EPA regulations.

washroom sanitisation 

Using specialized chemicals we treat the built-up uric acid in urinal troughs and drains that have compounded over time. We scrub and treat urinals with specialized chemicals and equipment to strip build up of uric acid.

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